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So you find out you’re pregnant. You’re over the moon! You’re bursting at the seams with uncontainable joy, and you can’t wait to tell loved ones. But little do you know. Little do you know that this initial pregnancy ecstasy will evaporate momentarily, and you will embark on a journey that vaguely resembles a swirling vortex of terror.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was elated when I found out I was expecting, but as soon as the first trimester hits its good bye to those rich, spicy meals, and hello to bland soups and sleepless nights. Here I’ll go through my experience of each trimester in order to give expectant mums a feel of what may come. But do bear in mind that every single experience is completely different. 

1st Trimester 
During this trimester I battled symptoms which became the bane of my existence. First and foremost there was the Morning Sickness, and to be completely honest, I expected to be sickness and nausea free because of my own mum’s five sickness free pregnancies. But if there’s anything pregnancy has taught me, it’s that no two experiences are the same. So unfortunately for me, my morning sickness began almost instantaneously and didn’t just hit in the morning. I was constantly sick throughout the day and could barely stomach meals, which as you can guess, made me feel all the more nauseous. Naturally this resulted in me losing a considerable amount of weight and also impacted my skin, teeth and hair – (acne relapsed, the acid from vomiting made my teeth weak and gums began to bleed, and hair became brittle and coarse).

Following this I had Heartburn. This symptom kicked in towards the end of my first trimester and lasted until the very end. However, Rennie tablets kept me going and provided almost instant relief. I would go through about 8 a day as Gaviscon didn’t sit very well with me and would result in another episode of my head down the toilet bowl.

Other symptoms that also made an unwelcome appearance go somewhat like this.

  • Cramping: Though this symptom didn’t last for very long, I do recall experiencingmild cramping throughout the third week. However, the next time I cramped up was during early labour.
  • Headaches: Again, this was a symptom that came briefly but didn’t overstay its welcome. I got some much needed pampering for a few days, and got through with a hot cuppa.
  • Back pain: On par with the sickness, this symptom most certainly overstayed its welcome and lingered for the whole nine months. Thank God for a supportive husband who massaged my back every night for the entire pregnancy
  • Painful Breasts: My milk kicked in pretty earlier and I started developing stretch marks on my breasts by about week 8 – not the best look in the world – (however, I do feel like a sexy tigress now). Even though I didn’t leak much until well into the second trimester, I did have random wet patches on my bra’s here and there. Again, not the most comfortable of situations.
  • Food Repulsion: This was probably the second worst symptom following the sickness, as I really do love me some spicy and flavoursome foods. From about the fourth week I could no longer stand the smell of any kind of rich cooking, and in particular couldn’t stomach onions, peppers, cheese and mushrooms.

2nd Trimester
In this trimester I have to say I felt like Supermum! And chances are, you will too! So long to the early pregnancy symptoms of sickness, headaches and cramping, and hello to the beautiful butterflies and baby jitters. In this trimester my body began to go through visible physical changes as my bump began to protrude. The symptoms I had were that of back pain, food repulsion, and heartburn which followed on from the first trimester. A few surprise symptoms were that of breathlessness (which was pretty excessive for me due to severe anemia), hip pain (due to widening)and Restless Legs Syndrome. Asides from these however, I felt a lot more healthy and active, and my mood most certainly picked up. The biggest downer for me was the morning sickness, and with that gone I was pretty much as close to normal as I could get.
(for more info on RSL during pregnancy, just click the following link;

3rd Trimester
Most certainly not as smooth as the second but not as bad as the first, the third was a whole different reality all together. At this point I began to feel my little girl kick harder and a lot more frequently, which made this trimester exceptionally enjoyable for me. However, as previously mentioned, I was still suffering from the back pain and heartburn, and this was now joined by the frequent need to pee and intense fatigue. Carrying around that extra weight was no easy feat and I remember constantly battling the urge to nap whilst at university or during work.

Some advice from me for mums to be; had some amazing tips on how to deal with these different kinds of symptoms spanning from the first to last trimester and was really useful – so it may be worth checking out.


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